2020_Head shot TAM

Good day! I’m TAM.

I live to inspire!

I’m a Texas artist. That at one point in my life wished I had that cool extra someone cheering me on, that was inspiring me towards my goals as an artist, This would of catapulted me even more as an artist. I lacked self-confidence and inspiration when I was in school. Now I want to share my story to inspire others towards their inner fire.

In 2018, I told myself if I wanted to see a change in me or in others, then I needed to let go of all my bad habits that were holding me back, like; the lack of confidence and motivation. I now aspire to lead by inspiration; Which inspired me, in 2019, to create an inspirational clothing brand and an inspirational book called, “Live to inspire: YOU ARE THE FIRE.”

I’ve also created a color n’ playbook to inspire the youth towards finding their inner fire. I thrive on creating inspirational & motivational art in schools to inspire our youth towards self-happiness and growth with confidence.

Will you please join me as we live to inspire others!